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Top Things to See in Uganda

The pearl of Africa is a country that is gifted by nature. It consists of rolling magnificent hills, the ever green vegetation, the beautiful and breathe taking scenery, the numerous wildlife; tree climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, not forgetting the chimps and our closest cousins the gorillas! Just imagine seeing all of these attractions in one package and you can experience all of them at once. The beautiful climate is favorable all year round and you can travel to Uganda anytime of the year. Wondering about what attractions and activities to include in your trip? Here are the top attractions of Uganda;
1. Mountain gorillas
Uganda host nearly half of the total remaining population of the mountain gorillas within the two premivial forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. There are several habituated gorilla groups that are open to tourists interested in gorilla watching! Today the most popular adventure in the country is gorilla trekking, a hike to see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat!
2. The Source of the Nile
The source of the Nile is one of the unique treasures that have made Uganda famous. The Nile is Africa’s longest river and the second longest river in the world. For many years ago, many explorers embarked on the journey to discover the Source of the Nile, and John Speke is the famously known  “discoverer of the source of the Nile”! This is contested by Ugandans, who discovered the Source of the Nile long time ago and it were the locals who directed Speke to the source. The Source is found in Journey and for those who want to increase their adrenaline, lots of adventures await you including white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, Nile jet cruises etc.
3. The Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria with its treasure islands are indeed from heaven! This is the world’s largest fresh water and it is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Among the freshwater lakes of the world it is exceeded in size only by Lake Superior in North America, its area being 26,828 square miles (69,484 square km). The lake’s surface is 3,720 feet (1,134 metres) above sea level, and its greatest ascertained depth is 270 feet (82 metres). Many islands and archipelagos are contained within the lake, as are numerous reefs, often just below the surface of the clear waters. Lake Victoria has more than 200 species of fish, of which the Tilapia is the most common type that is caught. You can decide to visit the Ssese Islands or enjoy a fishing safari!
4. Wildlife in Uganda National Parks
Looking to game viewing in Uganda? There are several national parks that host incredible willdife and thius offer the best opportunities game viewing and ecotourism! Unlike the renowned national parks that have suffered from large visitors numbers and crowed visitor vehicles, Uganda offers a true authentic game viewing experience to travelers within the well preserved ecosafari parks. Top parks to visit imclude the Murchison Falls National Park – best renowned for giraffees and the scenic Murchison falls, Queeen Elizabeth National Park with its breathtaking Kazinga Channel and Ishasha home to tree climbing lions, Kidepo national park in the extreme corner of Kenya and South Sudan best known for cheetahs, Lake Mburo national park and Semuliki National Park.
5. Urban Nightlife
Nightlife is also an asset as it’s the major highlight of the city. There are several areas where you can feel the spree of  Uganda at nightlife or should we say Kampala by night. However Kampala city center is the place that always tops the charts whenever you talk about nightlife. As the sun goes down, Kampala comes to life. This lively and vivid area is filled with youngsters from around East Africa who come especially to drink unlimited beer and dance with girls all night long. Trance and electronic beats will compel you to shake your legs. You will find several beautiful girls dancing around the poles and on the stairs. Wild discotheques are the best for those who love music with high volume, laser beams and blend of drink and dance.
6. People and Culture
Uganda has over 60 tribes with each speaking a different languages and traditions. There are several historical sites within Uganda including  the royal tombs such as the UNESCO heritage site of Kasubi Tombs, cultural events such as Imbalu Dance, Coronation Events, and more. The people of uganda are welcoming and very friendly to tourists. Many think, Uganda is the friendliest country to foreign travelers and you can easily get dived into the local culture!
So why miss to have all of this fun just for once in your life, let loose and come to the Pearl of Africa and you wont regret it.


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