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Friday 8 January 2016

17 days Tour discover Uganda and Rwanda

This safari lets you experience Uganda and Rwanda, two neighboring countries that are pretty different from each other. During the tour there are highlights such as game-drives, gorilla trekking, boat-cruise on the Nile and chimps trekking as well as time for community tourism and a visit to the genocide memorial center in Kigali.

Day 1: Arrive at Entebbe international airport ,Day 3: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park - The Giraffe Paradise! ,Day 4: Game-drive and boat-cruise in Murchison Falls National Park ,Day 5: Transfer day to Hoima  ,Day 6: Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park ,

Day 1: Arrive at Entebbe international airport

Arrive at Entebbe Airport where you are met by your safari guide for your Uganda-Rwanda tour. Transfer to Kampala with views of the vast fresh water lake, Lake Victoria.
Overnight Mamaland Guest Home

Day 2: To Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Early breakfast and transfer to Ziwa ranch, the Rhino sanctuary where they are working on introducing back the Rhinos in Uganda. Stop over for some roadside market along the way and continue through the Savannah assorted with Acacia and Shrubs. – Trekking of the rhions in the evening or early morning tomorrow.

Day 3: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park - The Giraffe Paradise!

Leave the rhino sanctuary after breakfast and start off towards Murchison Falls national park. Advance into the Park to visit the top of the falls. This is a magnificent classic highlight on our 1st day in the park as an explosive dash of water at close range gushes through a narrow crevice.

Day 4: Game-drive and boat-cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

An early cup of tea/coffee before the 6:00am Ferry crossing to enter the game-driving area. Leave the Nile river Bank to the broad savannah for chances of seeing Big cats hunting, Elephants, drive circuits to the delta point for a cocktail of Birds and mammals. After lunch it is time for a a boat-cruise on the Nile spotting animals by the shores of the Nile. In the late afternoon we transfer to the cool forest within the park, great night to pick out some outstanding sounds; bugs, primates and frogs all light up life here.

Day 5: Transfer day to Hoima 

We leave Murchison Falls national park after breakfast. The aim today is the town Hoima as we cut the distance of tomorrows drive and have some time to relax by the pool at the hotel.

Day 6: Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

This is a long days drive with our target to have lunch in the town of Fort portal as the distance was cut yesterday the pressure and fatigue is lessened. A punctuation of stopovers at sceneries like the rift valley escarpment on Lake Albert, typical African village setup in the far country side and tea plantations offer us chances of stretching along the drive as we check in late evening.

Day 7: Kibale crater area and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Explore the Kibale crater area with chances of seeing black & white and red colobus monkeys as well as exploring the Nkuruba crater. After this we transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park. Drive through some villages with cultivated areas until you reach Queen Elizabeth national park and continue to the escarpment and the lodge with its magnificent endless views over the park.

Day 8: Chimps trekking in Kalinzu forest and boat-cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Leave the lodge in the cool morning for morning Chimp trekking in Kalinzu forest. Set off into the jungle for a fascinating walk and the experience of meeting wild chimpanzees. After this we head back to the lodge for lunch before starting off to be in time for the 3pm boat-cruise on Kazinga channel (a 36 km channel connecting Lake George and Lake Edward). This 2 hours cruise is a classic highlight as you along the shores can spot land and water adapted hippopotamuses yawning and some slashing canines to each other, the National Geographical society killing machine the Nile crocodile gaping along the banks and Savannah version of pigs the warthog- Pumba of the award winning Lion King are a hallmark sign in this Animal home of Mamaland Uganda. With your Binoculars along the peninsula you have a magnificent view of birds, animals like the ever playing African elephants in waters as we sigh and reset fatigue and stress to point zero (it’s a must on this day’s game view).

Day 9: Morning game-drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park and afternoon village walk

Head out for a game-drive in the cool morning, an early game drive that exposes us to diverse animals, Big 5 members Elephants, Buffalos, big cats- Lions, Leopards more times in the evening, warthogs- Hunchback carnivals like Hyenas and many more species that are residents to this park are spotted along the circuits as we drive along. There is a rich bird life especially our version of storks in the wetland spots as we reach the Flamingoes in the salt lakes at Kasenyi. After lunch you can relax a bit before heading out for a village walk, exploring the close by community and a nearby crater lake.

Day 10: Game-drive in Ishasa and transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park

In the morning we start the journey to Ishasha, the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park that is known for tree-climbing lions. We will drive off in this adventurous vast savanna area with topis, the southern version of elephants and hopefully get the Lions high in the Fig tree branches. After the game-drive we transfer through to Bwindi Impenetrable national park’s Ruhija part. This journey takes us from a landscape of flat savanna, via cultivated hills to forest covered mountains.

Day 11: Gorilla trekking day- Bwindi Impenetrable national park

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is the home to the forest giants that are cousins to human beings, the mountain gorillas. This Impenetrable Forest is full of birds, butterflies and plant species plus forest hog, forest elephants, statungas and dikers. Trek through the forest with a specialized guide and spend one unforgettable our in the area of the mountain gorillas. After the trek you transfer to Lake Bunyonyi through cultivated hills. This lake is at 1840m above sea level and is reached after driving through beautiful cultivated hills.

Day 12: Relaxation day by Lake Bunyonyi

Have a day to relax after the trek, enjoying the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. Here there is a short list of activities such as canoeing, hiking on Bushara trail along the lake-shores, swimming in the lake or just relaxing with a book enjoying the view.

Day 13: Transfer to Rwanda

We have now reached the Rwanda part of the Uganda-Rwanda tour and start the day by traveling through Kisoro with golden sceneries! With the target of Rwanda we further drive out to cross the relaxed border post as Congolese traders will be seen requesting for Hitch hiking around.

Day 14: Transfer on to Kigali

We have a relaxed morning and after lunch go to Rwanda’s capital Kigali, a city in a country different from the rest of the countries in the great lakes region. Rwanda has a troubled modern history but has recovered and found its way to prosper.

Day 15: Crafts market and genocide war Memorial in Kigali

Meet traditions and culture of Rwanda in the crafts villages before lunch. Thereafter we have a visit to the genocide memorial center – here you will be told about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda starting with the background as former French –Belgium colony, on to how the apocalypse started and how it ended.

Day 16: Back to Uganda and Lake Mburo National Park

We leave Kigali, having a drive through beautiful sceneries before we cross the active border post. The target destination is Lake Mburo national park, the ‘Zebra magnet’. We continue driving through areas with green rolling hills and make a stop for lunch along the way. As we enter the park we game-drive for view of zebras, topis, warthogs, cape buffaloes and impalas.

Day 17: Early morning safari-walk and transfer to Entebbe
Get up early for a safari-walk in Lake Mburo national park, with chance to see leopards, zebras, waterbucks, birds and buffaloes in there day break life! Get back to the lodge for breakfast and drive out of the park with Entebbe as the target destination. Make a stopover at Equator for lunch before continuing the last bit of the journey on your Uganda-Rwanda tour.

enjoy uganda rwanda
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